Tobias Zobel studied Mechanical Engineering at FAU Erlangen-Nurnberg finishing with his diploma thesis “Functionalization of polymers for biomedical applications” at the University of Wisconsin – Madison, USA.

Since 2010, he has been working at the Central Institute of Healthcare Engineering (today as director) especially focusing on the initiation of new interdisciplinary research projects between academic institutions, hospitals and the industry on a national and international level and their transfer into innovative products or services. Being an ambassador and shareholder of the Medical Valley GmbH, he takes advantage of access to a huge network of companies and research institutions. His lectures at the university include seminars like “Medical Device Directive”, “Interdisciplinary Innovations in Medical Technology” and “Operating Room of the Future”.

As a former resident of Brazil, he organizes various scientific workshops in South America and builds up a Medical Technology cluster in collaboration with the state government of Rio Grande do Sul with the aim of fostering highly interdisciplinary innovation projects across the globe (especially in China, USA and Brazil). His incubation efforts help to integrate researchers into companies and harmonize strategic goals of research and the industry. Through CiNNAMED GmbH, he helps European companies to bring their products and services especially to Brazil aside from other countries and vice versa.

Until today, Tobias Zobel is the founder of four companies ranging from software solutions for hospitals, manual therapy devices, wearables and pure consulting solutions. His clients are industrial partners (i.e. Siemens, adidas) as well as governmental institutions.

In the last years, he has been evaluating different innovation and business collaboration systems in various countries such as USA, Brazil, Mexico, China, Israel and Germany. In the official campaign of the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) “Germany – Land of Ideas”, he promoted the expertise of the Medical Valley cluster in the field of Medical Technology in Erlangen and its surroundings.

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