We are regulatory and distribution consultants who provide guidance for launching and registering your medical devices and software in new markets. Our services include general regulatory advice, sales and distribution strategies all the way to nationalizing your products through manufacturing or assembly collaborations with local and certified companies.

Through our established network and expertise in the Medical Device Business, we want to help companies find the best selling strategy in order to bring their innovative and mature medical solutions to new territories.

Professional, transparent, interactive, direct and efficient services to meet your needs.

Regulatory Issues

We help you classify, register and host your medical devices with ANVISA in Brazil and other countries. We'll finde the best option for you to either own your personal registration or enter into a collaboration with a hosting partner.

Legal Issues

Business creation strategy, legal representation of your company, accounting and taxation services are part of our portfolio making sure that you take the most efficient and safe track into your desired market.

Distribution / Sales

Finding the best and especially trustworthy partner to be your partner is often one of the biggest challenges in foreign territory. We will make sure to identify companies and professionals matching your requirements and objectives.

Research and Development

Our years of experience in the fied of industrial academic research and development projects for healthcare technology enable a unique support for our clients in setting up grant applications, project timelines, organization and processes as well as the identification of funding opportunities and tax advantages.

How do we work?

Joint analysis of your products' potential and setting of realistic goals


Whether your product is using highly innovative technology trying to enter a niche market or a mass-produced article trying to enter a touch price competition, we will evaluate different options for your market entry strategy. 

Finding the best regulatory and sales strategy depending on your needs

In countries like Brazil, it is crucial to consider national laws for imports, medical device registration, taxation, labor, research and further bureaucratic issues in order to avoid business disadvantages that negatively impact your pricing opportunities.

Implementation of chosen strategy and guidance through the whole process

We will not just leave you be with a chosen strategy and hope for a successful implementation. You can always count on us as your personal partner guiding you through each step on your journey until a safe routine of your activities in achieved.